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Competition Series

Junior Competition Series provide competitive opportunities across the province for juniors of all skill levels.


“To Create a Positive, Fun, Entry-Level Competition Opportunity for Starter Junior Tennis Players”

The Rogers Rookie Tour is a national program that is designed to bridge the gap between entry-level tennis and the provincial competitive junior circuit. This tour has been a huge success in Alberta and we are continually trying to add more events. This program encourages players to continue through the tennis pathway to become regular competitors and life long tennis enthusiasts.

Rogers Rookie Tour Highlights

Boys and girls up to the age of 18 are eligible to play in Rogers Rookie Tour events. All events in the RRT will be non-elimination tournaments. These type of events offer non-ranked or lower-ranked youngsters a fun-filled and exciting event with multiple opportunities to play without the fear of being eliminated.

Each player is guaranteed a minimum of three matches. These events provide a positive learning environment where youngsters develop and display their tennis and sportsmanship skills while competing against a variety of opponents.

Each participant of RRT event will receive a Welcome Letter, Certificate of Participation as well as a Rogers Rookie Tour T-Shirt.

To sign up for the next Roger’s Rookie Event, please click on our tournaments page!




The purpose of the Future Stars Tour is to foster competitive opportunities for players aged U9-U10 encouraging frequent player participation throughout the year. The Future Stars Tour utilizes the universal method of player development, known as Progressive Tennis. This method uses altered ball compression, scaled court sizes, and modified competition formats allowing young players to improve their overall tennis skills faster allowing them to transition to the regular sized court with ease as they continue to grow.

By registering your child in a progressive tennis event, they will have opportunities to make new friends, learn how to compete and most importantly, have fun!


The Future Stars Tour is recommended for players who have participated in at least three U8 or U10 Roger’s Rookie Tour Events and for those looking to enhance their competitive experience by meeting Tennis Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development competitive criteria.


Tennis Alberta continues to encourage long term participation by creating a positive competitive environment; participation will be rewarded through the distribution of “participation points” and entry prizes, courtesy of Wilson, instead of emphasizing and rewarding winning.

All events will make an effort to allow for full matches to be completed, however, if court time is an issue matches will be 45 minutes in length. Draws will be round robin box format, flight format, or compass format based on entry numbers. U9 Events will utilize the ¾ court size and orange compression balls, while U10 events will utilize full court size and green dot compression balls.