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COVID-19 Updates

This area is dedicated to Tennis Alberta news and updates relating to COVID-19

Tennis Alberta is committed to fostering a safe sport environment. Through this difficult and unprecedented crisis, that commitment includes the health and well-being of tennis players as well as every Albertan in the communities where we live and play. Our thoughts are with those personally affected by the virus including their families, our most vulnerable citizens and the incredible health care workers who are facing the pandemic on the front lines.

We are fortunate to have a wide-ranging support network of partners across the province bringing together their expertise to help the tennis industry in Alberta navigate through the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Collaboration and information sharing are critical during this challenging time and Tennis Alberta has created the resource page below with helpful links to support our member clubs, players and our many partners coming together during this crisis. The resource page will be updated regularly as information and updates become available.

Relaunch Updates around the Province:

  • Medicine Hat relaunched on May 15 with outdoor singles tennis
  • Red Deer relaunched on May 15 with outdoor singles tennis
  • Lethbridge relaunched on May 14 with outdoor tennis
  • Edmonton relaunched on May 15 with outdoor singles tennis for The Royal Glenora and The Derrick Club (Limited to Private Club only).  Public outdoor courts were relaunched on May 22 with outdoor singles tennis
  • Calgary relaunched on May 1 with outdoor singles tennis.
  • High River relaunches with singles and doubles tennis (same household) on June 1st.

Please check with your municipality regarding outdoor tennis facilities reopening. (Updated May 29, 2020)


Following the release of the Government of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy, various municipalities have opened some outdoor recreation amenities or will be starting to open up shortly.

Tennis Alberta is reaching out to you to make sure we have the latest in your region.

We kindly ask that you please complete this form so that we can help service our Club Membership with the latest up-to-date information.


Tennis facilities and coaches in Alberta are all different and operate as such. Making an assessment of whether a safe exercise environment can be provided at your facility depends on a range of factors, which apply differently at each venue.

It is the responsibility of each tennis provider, coach and facility to make that assessment based on their environment. Safety precautions must remain in place as we move from “lock-down” mode to modified openings.

The guidelines mentioned here will help operators navigate through uncertain times until there is a universal vaccine or effective treatment for the Coronavirus.


Because tennis does not require any direct person-to-person contact, players can enjoy the many physical and mental benefits that tennis offers so long as you practice social distancing by keeping six feet apart from other players to ensure you are in a safe exercise environment and follow other safety guidelines included here.

If you choose to play tennis, please practice these safety tips and follow these guidelines.



Tennis Alberta fully supports the recommendations and guidelines of Health Canada, Alberta Health Services, the World Health Organization, the Government of Alberta and regional public health experts to prevent the community spread of covid-19.



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