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Employment Opportunities

Reporting to the Manager, Professional Events and Tennis Professionals Association, the position holder will assist with the success of the TPA. This includes growing membership, aiding in professional development opportunities, managing online content of the database, website and e-store, marketing of the TPA, and executing the day-to-day administration and customer service responsible of the TPA. This role will also support the Tennis Development department through court bookings, website management and content creation.

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First Serve Tennis is currently accepting applications for full and part time coaching positions for various community tennis programs in the City of Calgary between the months of May and August, 2017.

First Serve Tennis offers very competitive hourly wages ($20-25 per hour based on qualifications).  Your own transportation will be required to travel to the different communities that we work with.

Please send your application in writing to Jeff Spiers at jeff@firstservetennis.ca and include your resume and contact details.  For more information about First Serve Tennis please visit our website at www.firstservetennis.ca or call us at (403) 243-6717.

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator – 1 person
Availability – Tuesday the 12th @ 6:30pm for 1 hour training and full for all 3 days of the event

The primary responsibility of the Volunteer Coordinator will be to hire all of the required volunteers for the tie. This will be done in conjunction with the below plan and arranged through the different leaders from Tennis Canada. Greg Jauncey will take the lead on all pre-tournament organization of the volunteer program from Tennis Canada and will be the key point of contact with any questions or concerns involving the volunteer program as a whole. Once onsite volunteers will report to the individuals responsible for managing the area for which they have been hired. The Volunteer Coordinator will help facilitate the training session on Tuesday September 12th as well as be the key onsite person to help arrange other elements of the volunteer program as a whole during the 3 event days. This will include distribution of volunteer uniforms, volunteer tickets as well as the management of the volunteer office/catering.


Transportation Coordinator – 1 person
Availability – Must be available to work all days from Saturday the 9th through to and including Sunday the 17th

The Transportation Coordinator is responsible for the overall management of the transportation program as wall as all transportation volunteer drivers/dispatchers. This individual should be available at all day and every day and is the key point person for Tennis Canada. He/she is also responsible for the scheduling of transportation volunteer shifts and managing the vehicles to ensure they are cleaned and filled up with premium gas.


Accreditation – 1 person
Availability – Tuesday the 12th @ 6:30pm for 1 hour training and full for all 3 days of the event

The Accreditation Committee is a small cohesive team that works together to ensure the safety of the site by printing credentials for staff, volunteers, and all authorized corporate partners, players, coaches, and guests. As our office is often the first point of contact with accredited individuals, our committee’s key responsibility is to effectively and efficiently use the database to process badges according to guidelines set out by Tennis Canada and the ITF. You will get taught how to use the accreditation database system, but having a comfort level with computers is an asset in this position.

Adecco Hostess – 4 Females aged 16-20
Availability – Full for all 3 days of the event

The role of the Adecco Hostesses is to act as an on-court host during matches sitting behind the player benches during play and standing up to provide towels to players during changeovers.

Ball Crew – 18 kids aged 12-16
Availability – Sunday the 10th for a training session and full for all 3 days of the event

The Ball Crew Committee’s focus is on providing exceptional on-court service to the players throughout the duration of their match. Accordingly, we staff with 18 Ball Crew members (three shifts of 6) to fulfill various duties, such as swiftly collecting balls at the end of each point and feeding the serving player new balls, providing players with their towel in between points, and ensuring the players’ needs are well-attended to during changeovers. Overall, the Ball Crew Committee prides itself with the responsibility of maintaining the pace of a match by providing service to the players in a prompt and professional fashion.

Applicants for the Ball Crew Committee will be selected during try outs which will take place at the Saville Community Sports Centre on August 13 @ 9am-noon.

Flightscope Scoring/Stats – 1 person
Availability – Thursday the 14th for a training session and full for all 3 days of the event

This person will be used in conjunction with Live Scoring, whereby details of statistics are input into our website (e.g. unforced errors, points won at net, etc). The person selected needs to have a good knowledge of tennis with a good level of English.

Greeters – 16 people
Availability – Tuesday the 12th @ 6:30pm for 1 hour training and full for all 3 days of the event

Volunteers on the Greeter Committee are the first representatives of Davis Cup to interact with our attendees. Volunteers are stationed around the event-designated entrances to provide attendees with information, directions and customer service as they arrive to the event to kick-off their experience with a friendly and inviting welcome. The committee is also responsible for the distribution of any event communications and handouts that are often a part of Davis Cup. The committee can also be involved with promotions that take place around the public areas designed to get people engaged and excited about the event.

Media – 4 people
Availability – Tuesday the 12th @ 6:30pm for 1 hour training and full for all 3 days of the event

The Media Committee helps run the Media Centre to ensure it is a professional working space for all media members to complete their jobs. Being courteous, responsible and professional, and aware of what is going on at the event is critical. Among the Media Committee’s main responsibilities are: answering enquiries, handing out accreditation, assisting with press conferences, updating information racks, and maintaining an orderly and happy Media Centre.

Transportation – 20 people
Availability – Must be able to work a minimum of 6 half days shifts between Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 17th. A schedule will be completed at a later date once all of the availability is collected for all drivers.

The Transportation Committee handles all tournament-related Transportation needs for Davis Cup. The committee’s key responsibility is to provide transportation for the teams as well as key event staff and a variety of off-site tasks such as pick-ups and deliveries, using vehicles from the event’s vehicle fleet. Volunteer drivers must be 25 years of age or over with clean driving records, and must have superior knowledge of transportation routes throughout the city and to the airports. Volunteer drivers will strive to provide a safe, comfortable, timely and unobtrusive trips for all passengers regardless of traffic conditions.

VIP Services – 2 people
Availability – Tuesday the 12th @ 6:30pm for 1 hour training and full for all 3 days of the event

The VIP Services Committee works in the VIP Lounge at Davis Cup. The committee’s key responsibility is to provide customer service to those individuals who have access to this area. This includes greeting guests, checking tickets/accreditation to ensure appropriate access levels and assisting with inquiries. Members of this committee are expected to be courteous, professional and friendly. A knowledge of tennis, and Davis Cup, is an asset.


Rogers Rookie Tours are one or two day entry level events for children new to the sport of tennis. A “fun first” environment is created for players to have multiple time limited matches. Volunteers help with set up/ take down of court equipment, supervising match play which includes assisting with score keeping, time keeping and clarification of rules. The Rogers Rookie Tour is perfect for the volunteer who wants to share their enthusiasm about tennis with the kids. Please contact david.rossolatos@tennisalberta.com for more information.

Are you a recreational player, registered competitor, tennis pro or parent? Is there an issue within the tennis community that isn’t getting the focus it deserves? Tennis Alberta will be inviting various blog hosts each month to voice their opinions and get the conversation flowing between coaches, parents, and players alike. If you would like to become a blog contributor, or simply want to suggest a topic, don’t hesitate to contact us.