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Manage Your Account

Option 1

Instructions for Renewals or for those who have a Tennis Alberta Membership (account) in the Tennis Canada System:

  • Login to Tennis Canada System
  • Click Login and type in your Login Name and Password to access your account.
  • If  you need help remembering your Login Name and Password, click either Lost your password? to Lost your login name?

     **Please DO NOT create a new account. Multiple accounts for one individual causes confusion and can conflict with individual rankings in our system if players are using more than one account.
  • If you do not have an account, proceed to Option 2.

 Option 2

Instructions for those who DO NOT have a Tennis AB Member Profile (account) in the Tennis Canada System


  1. INITIAL SIGN-UP: Go to the Tennis Canada Tournament Software page.  Click on “Sign Up”.
  2. PROVINCES: Select ‘TENNIS AB’ (as your provincial organization – click on the arrow)
  3. RULES AND REGULATION: Read and accept the user agreement
  4. PROFILE: Fill in your contact information
  5. MEMBERSHIP: Select your specific Membership Type
    Select your region (to find out what region you are in click here).
    Select your specific Club or select Public if you don’t have a club.

*** If you regular play at a club, please select a specific club. Tennis Alberta member clubs benefit from your Tennis Alberta membership. 

  1. ACCOUNT: Create your login ID, password, add your email address etc.
  2. PAY MEMBERSHIP: Select the PayPal option to pay your Tennis AB Membership – you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card.
    Once you have completed your payment, an email with an activation link will be sent to you from the Tennis Canada Tournament Software account. Follow the link in the email, in order to ACTIVATE your account.You should now be able to log in to your Tennis AB account!


Need more assistance? Click here for the Tennis Alberta FAQs page.