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Annual Report

Tennis Alberta’s annual reports highlight our recent successes and outline our overall direction.

Tennis Alberta’s Strategic Goals:

  1. To be financially sustainable, and self-sufficient organization.
  2. To be recognized as the premier delivery system for amateur sport in Alberta.
  3. To increase the popularity and perceived value of tennis within the community.
  4. To provide or support relevant programs and services to all members and stakeholders in order to increase and retain participation at all levels and age groups.
  5. Establish and maintain a staff and volunteer structure that allows the association to advance its priorities.
  6. To produce top players.

We continue to develop the focus areas of our Strategic Plan guided by our Mission, Vision and Values.

To become the best amateur tennis organization in Canada, providing Albertans with the opportunity to pursue tennis as the sport of a lifetime by developing a sustainable and accessible, premier sport delivery system for tennis in Alberta

To inspire, promote, and deliver quality opportunities for participation in Tennis in Alberta by strategically by attracting funds, fostering partnerships, and building local capacity with emphasis on lifetime participation and building healthy, active communities.


  • Accessible & Inclusive
  • Supportive if Community Development & Awareness
  • Fiscally Responsible
  • Demonstrates & Encourages Excellence
  • Innovative & Responsible in Leadership
  • Advocates Health & Wellness

Key highlights of 2018

  • Increase to 4.5 staff
  • Total of 35 Future Star Tournaments and 21 Rogers Rookie Tour events.
  • 9 Alberta junior athletes won or placed in the top 4 at both the indoor and outdoor Junior Nationals
  • 9% increase in number of junior athletes playing in the junior competitive structure
  • 67% increase in Instagram followers
  • Added Sponsorship partner HEAD Canada

Tennis Alberta Year In Review

2018 Year In Review