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Respect in Sport

Respect in Sport Program

Kids play sport because of a love of the game. It’s not winning or awards that motivate our children to participate – it’s the fun and comradery. If you take a look at any current survey on why kids participate in sport, the top answers are usually: to have fun, to play something I enjoy, and to improve my skills and stay active. Winning doesn’t even crack the top ten. This is why, as parents and guardians, we need to keep our expectations of success balanced and embody the values of fun, fair play, and teamwork.

Tennis Alberta is pleased to announce its partnership with the Respect Group Inc. to provide an educational tool that will further our commitment to fostering a safe and fun environment for all participants. Tennis Alberta requires at least one parent/guardian of each junior player to have completed the on-line Respect in Sport – Parent Program in order to participate in any sanctioned event. Players found not compliant at a tournament will be given a warning for their first offense. If found to be uncertified at a second event, the player will be withdrawn, and ineligible to play any future sanctioned events until the Respect Program is completed.

The Respect in Sport Program for Parents is a one hour on-line program geared to providing parents/guardians with information on how to evaluate and understand:

  • Parent/guardian influence over a child
  • Coach and leader roles in sport
  • Parent/guardian and coaches roles in ensuring a child’s enjoyment of a sport
  • Protecting your child when outside of your immediate control
  • Injury awareness & Return to Play guidelines
  • Long-Term Player Development model

REGISTER NOW – the course has a $12 cost. (Users who have completed the parent program with another sport are not required to complete the program again. You can transfer your certificate to our database by going to ‘Register a new user’ and adding your certificate number when prompted.)

Families only need to complete the course once but must list all children who are playing Junior Tennis to ensure they’re RiS certified.

The program is Canada’s leading on-line bullying, abuse, harassment, and neglect prevention program for parents, coaches, and community leaders and is currently being utilized by Hockey Canada, Ontario Soccer Association, and Calgary Minor Soccer Association among others. Respect in Sport is a powerful, proactive educational program that empowers parents, leaders, and coaches with the tools to ensure the game is enjoyable and respectful for themselves, their children and all other stakeholders in the game.

It was proposed by the Tennis Alberta Sportsmanship & Ethical Conduct Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

Learn it. Live it. Pass it on.

As leaders in the game of tennis, it is our aim to be completely “Respect” integrated as an association. This program isn’t just for parents; our high performance coaches and officials will be required to complete the ‘Activity Leader’ stream of Respect in Sport by April 23, 2015 as well. We believe that our association should be proactive in making tennis in our province as safe and welcoming for all participants as possible. The Respect in Sport program will help us promote those values. We hope that its implementation will help provide a better sport environment for all participants in Alberta.