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COVID-19 Updates

This area is dedicated to Tennis Alberta news and updates relating to COVID-19

Tennis Alberta is committed to fostering a safe sport environment. Through this difficult and unprecedented crisis, that commitment includes the health and well-being of tennis players as well as every Albertan in the communities where we live and play. Our thoughts are with those personally affected by the virus including their families, our most vulnerable citizens and the incredible health care workers who are facing the pandemic on the front lines.

We are fortunate to have a wide-ranging support network of partners across the province bringing together their expertise to help the tennis industry in Alberta navigate through the uncertainty of COVID-19.

Collaboration and information sharing are critical during this challenging time and Tennis Alberta has created the resource page below with helpful links to support our member clubs, players and our many partners coming together during this crisis. The resource page will be updated regularly as information and updates become available.

COVID-19 Update | Additional Safety Measures for the Municipality of Calgary

April 16, 2021 

Dear member,

Tennis Alberta has received notification of additional safety measures that will come into effect as of Monday April 19. These guidelines will impact extra curricular indoor sport and recreation activities for youth groups in grades 7 to 12 operating within the municipality of Calgary.

Further details can be found through following the below link and navigating to the Youth and Collegiate Sport and Recreation Activities section of the webpage.

Stronger public health measures | Alberta.ca

At this stage step 1 guidelines continue to be in effect for all other forms of tennis programming as previously announced on April 12.

In case of further questions, please contact alan.mackin@tennisalberta.com

COVID-19 Update | Latest Public Health Information

April 12, 2021 

Dear member,

Please consult the latest public health information through accessing the links below:

Please note at this time multi-household training is not permissible. In case of further questions, please contact alan.mackin@tennisalberta.com

UPDATE: Competitive Structure 

Plans to resume the provincial competitive structure are currently underway.  Due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the delivery of these events will be conditional on government restrictions.

Tennis Alberta has produced a tentative 2021 provincial summer calendar, in the hopes that competitive play can resume in June. The proposed calendar has been developed for the first half of the summer. Tennis Alberta will consider adding additional events in the future. We will communicate any changes or additions to the calendar.

Tennis Alberta will provide additional information, including COVID-19 safety protocol, over the coming weeks.


July 6, 2020 – Following the release of the Government of Alberta’s PHASE 2 of its Relaunch Strategy in June, which now includes tennis activities (singles/ doubles/ individual & group lessons/ interclub or regional unsanctioned tournaments), Tennis Alberta is reaching out to you to collect critical feedback on restarting tournaments and programming.

To date, the Government of Alberta has not provide a timeline for when Stage 3 may start and what measures/ protocols may be lifted or adapted.

This includes details on hosting tournaments that attracting participants from across the Province or out-of-province.



June 16, 2020 – Following the release of the Government of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy, various municipalities have opened some outdoor recreation amenities or will be starting to open up shortly.

Tennis Alberta is reaching out to you to make sure we have the latest in your region. We kindly ask that you to please complete this form (June 1) below so that we can help service our Club Membership with the latest up-to-date information.



To Club Presidents/ Tennis Facility Managers – Please find attached Cohort Tracker that has been developed to safely help manage the daily operations of players in programming or Stage 2 approved regional or club-only tournaments.

Please note that Tennis Alberta is NOT sanctioning provincial programs or tournaments until further announcements become available from the Provincial Government / Alberta Health Services.

To date, the Government of Alberta has not provide a timeline for when Stage 3 may start and what measures/ protocols may be lifted or adapted.


Cohort Overview

You can enjoy many more indoor and outdoor activities as long as you follow all public health orders, including gathering sizes and physical distancing of 2 metres, and avoid high-risk or prohibited activities.

These measures remain during Stage 2 of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy to protect Albertans’ health and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Gathering Restrictions

A gathering is any situation that brings people together in the same space at the same time for the same purpose. Check with your local municipality for additional restrictions in your area.

Unless otherwise identified in public health orders, the following gathering restrictions are in place:

  • 200 people maximum for audience-type community outdoor events, such as festivals, firework displays, rodeos and sporting events, and outdoor performances
  • 100 people maximum for other outdoor events and indoor seated/audience events, including wedding ceremonies, funeral services, movie theatres, indoor arts and culture performances and other indoor spectator events where people remain seated
  • 50 people maximum for indoor social gatherings, including wedding and funeral receptions and birthday parties
  • No cap on the number of people (with public health measures in place):
    • worship gatherings
    • restaurant, cafes, lounges and bars
    • casinos and bingo halls
  • More flexibility for cohort groups – small groups of people whose members do not always keep 2 metres apart:
    • households can increase their close interactions with other households to a maximum of 15 people
    • performers can have a cohort of up to 50 people (cast members or performers)
    • sports teams can play in region-only cohorts of up to 50 players (mini leagues)
    • people can be part of a sports/performing cohort and a household cohort at the same time

Cohort groups

A COVID-19 cohort – also known as bubbles, circles, or safe squads – are small groups of the same people who can interact regularly without staying 2 metres apart.

A person in a cohort should have little to no close contact with people outside of the cohort. Keeping the same people together, rather than mixing and mingling, helps reduce the chance of getting sick, and makes it easier to track exposure if someone does get sick.

Under Stage 2, cohort types and sizes include:

  • core cohorts (families and households) – up to 15 people
  • child care programs – up to 30 children and staff
  • sports teams – up to 50 players and coaching staff
  • performing groups – up to 50 cast members or performers

You should only belong to one core cohort. It is safest limit the number of other cohorts you belong to reduce the risk of getting sick or spreading COVID-19.

COVID-19 Information – Guidance for Cohorts  (PDF, 378 KB)

To Club Presidents/ Tennis Facility Managers – Tennis Alberta is aware that many member tennis facilities have procured their own Covid-19 specific Player/Member Waiver forms for guests to sign in advance of participating in activities at their premises. Other member clubs have requested a template that would help them in this process.

Please find attached an Acknowledgement of Risk template in Microsoft WORD that a club and facility can adapt for their own use.

Obviously, the emergence of Covid-19 has presented unprecedented problems worldwide and the tennis business is no exception. The attached document is meant as a guideline and, if used, should be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your facility. Please note, this waiver does not include any specific requirements or recommendations of National, Provincial or local public health and other government authorities. If desired, your club can add any necessary requirements and recommendations to the final version of the document or post them separately on the facility website and/or location.

It should be noted that, although a deterrent, a waiver does not completely prevent the possibility of an individual(s) suing your organization on matters related to Covid-19, it may reduce the likelihood of a claim, and if one is pursued, may present a complete defence to the claim.

We strongly recommend that you have the final version of your facility waiver reviewed by legal counsel.


Tennis facilities and coaches in Alberta are all different and operate as such. Making an assessment of whether a safe exercise environment can be provided at your facility depends on a range of factors, which apply differently at each venue.It is the responsibility of each tennis provider, coach and facility to make that assessment based on their environment. Safety precautions must remain in place as we move from “lock-down” mode to modified openings.The guidelines mentioned here will help operators navigate through uncertain times until there is a universal vaccine or effective treatment for the Coronavirus.



Because tennis does not require any direct person-to-person contact, players can enjoy the many physical and mental benefits that tennis offers so long as you practice social distancing by keeping six feet apart from other players to ensure you are in a safe exercise environment and follow other safety guidelines included here.

If you choose to play tennis, please practice these safety tips and follow these guidelines.


Tennis Alberta fully supports the recommendations and guidelines of Health Canada, Alberta Health Services, the World Health Organization, the Government of Alberta and regional public health experts to prevent the community spread of covid-19.


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