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Jan 17, 2020
written by: Tennis Alberta

Please note that Tennis Canada has released the Rules of the Court for 2020. You can view this document here:

In addition to this document, the following changes/ modifications have been made:

Tennis Canada Tournament Regulations

  • Tennis Canada has made a modification to the section of Tournament Regulation 8 (Withdrawals and Substitutions) that specifies the order of priority for choosing Lucky Losers.
  • Tournament Regulation 17 (Toilet Break) has been changed so that both male and female players are only allowed one (1) toilet break in a singles match.
  • Tournament Regulation 20 (Electronic Devices) has been expanded to specify that the use of smart watches and fitness devices capable of receiving messages are prohibited on-court during a match.
    Code of Conduct
  • In Paragraph 3 (Time Violations), the Time Violation procedure has been modified to align it with ATP, ITF and WTA procedures. After a warning for a first Time Violation, subsequent Time Violations will be penalized as follows:
    • Server: the Time Violation will result in a “fault”.
    • Receiver: the Time Violation will result in a “point penalty”.
  • Paragraph 8 (Overruling Line Calls in Unofficiated Matches) has been modified to align it with ITF procedures by specifying the appropriate procedure for an official who is: a) on-court, and b) off-court, and who witnesses a first incorrect call by a player.

Officials: Duties and Responsibilities

  • Section 2 (Chair Umpire Announcements) has been updated to specify that the match introduction should be made after “two minutes” is announced.

The Code: Guidelines for Unofficiated Matches

Paragraphs 20 and 21 have been revised to align with ITF procedures for calling touches, foul shots, invasions, double bounces and throughs. Any player on court is allowed to make these calls.

Rules of Tennis

The ITF has not made any modifications to the Rules of Tennis themselves for 2020.