Have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of tennis balls to choose from? Many players aren’t aware of the differences that are offered in various products and how it can benefit their games.

There are many factors that go into the production of a tennis ball, with the most important being consistency. A tennis ball should bounce consistently the moment you hear the crisp pop that comes from opening the tab on a tennis ball can.  Penn’s Championship tennis balls are among one of the most recognized balls in the tennis industry, offering players the consistency they expect each time they step on the court.  It is the most widely distributed tennis ball Penn offers in North America and is the standard that other tennis balls are measured against.

Beyond consistency, players should also look for durability. Durability of the felt and the core of a tennis ball varies based on the technology that is included. Penn offers a Pro Penn Marathon ball with “Encore Technology” in the core of the ball that extends the quality of play by up to 22% times longer than previous Pro Penn tennis ball models. It also includes LongPlay Felt which makes the ball look newer longer and play more consistent for longer periods of time. These balls are great for players who are looking to get the maximum use out of a tennis ball, and it is a preferred ball for many tennis coaches.

Playability is another key factor in a tennis ball. You want to be confident that you will get maximum performance out of the ball you are using in a match. Penn’s Tour tennis balls are high performance balls that are used by professionals in some of the largest events in North America. The optimum core and felt technologies provide maximum performance on court. Penn Tour is great for competitive players who want high performance and maximum consistency.

It is also important to consider the surface you are playing on when you select the type of tennis ball to use. Penn offers both extra duty felt and regular duty felt in all of their performance tennis ball products. Extra duty felt is recommended for hard court surfaces. Felt can wear down a bit faster on a hard court surface, so the thicker extra duty felt performs better for a longer period of time. Regular duty felt is recommended for clay court surfaces. It features a slightly thinner felt that is woven tightly around the ball’s core, not allowing for the ball to fluff up as easily and providing consistent play.

All of Penn’s performance products offer numbers on their tennis balls, 1-4. While the numbers don’t offer differences in the quality or performance of the ball, the purpose of the number is to help you keep track of which tennis balls are yours and which are your opponents or players on another court.

Penn has been in the tennis ball business for over 100 years providing tennis players with consistent and quality products.  Regardless of the type of tennis ball you play with, the Penn brand will offer consistency, high performance and durability in their products for a fun experience every time you step onto the court.

Penn Advertorial.Penn is the official ball of  Tennis Alberta.