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Coaching Certification System

Tennis Canada’s Coaching Certification is a highly structured system that ensures Instructors, Coaches, and Pros receive the best training and guidance. The program has a variety of key components that are essential in the development of coaches across the nation.

Purpose of the Coaching System
Tennis Canada provides certification to individuals within the tennis industry to ensure the highest quality instruction for all players. Tennis Canada has expanded its certification program to meet the individual needs of the tennis community. Within a highly competitive tennis industry, one of the key elements to differentiate facilities and/or junior development programs are the expertise of the tennis professionals/coaches housed within the club/program.

Overview of the Coaching System
Upon completion of the first two levels of certification, the Instructor level and Club Pro 1, an individual will have the choice of two streams of coaching certification. They can choose the “high performance stream” or “club professional stream” of coaching education/certification. Both will be recognized as official certification, however the certification will represent completely different competencies.

The “Club Professional Stream” will be oriented to those individuals who work in the clubs and who are interested in developing the varied skills which are necessary to be successful in a club environment including: customer service, programming, front desk operations and management, staff management, club maintenance, running team practices, basic corrections for recreational players, etc. This individual, will be trained to be a “Tennis Pro”.

The “High Performance Stream” will be oriented to those individuals who are interested in player development (working in elite junior programs from age 7 – 18 and/or with high performance players from college to on tour professionals) and hence, will include all necessary coaching information for developing players. This individual, will be trained to be a “Coach”. The coaching stream will be very comprehensive to ensure that these individuals are well formed for the comprehensive job of player development. It will require the individual to complete a number of modules over a prolonged period of time. A strong practical component will complement curriculum.