Please note that the below policies and procedures hold jurisdiction over all Tennis Alberta events and protocols. They take priority over any external documents, including Tennis Canada’s Rules of the Court.

The Alberta Tennis Association By-Laws

The By-Laws of The Alberta Tennis Association (Tennis Alberta) set out our objectives and how we run our affairs including, affiliation of organizations, election of board of directors, holding of general meetings, conditions governing players, the sanctioning of events. An update to the existing By-Laws was approved by the membership on October 5, 2019

Tennis Alberta Policy Manual

The Tennis Alberta policy manual outlines the jurisdiction Tennis Alberta has over disciplinary matters and the manner in which disciplinary functions are exercised and includes the following appendices (updated September 2023)


The Tennis Alberta Code of Conduct pertains to all Tennis Alberta sanctioned tournaments, as well as to players who represent Alberta at higher-level events within and outside the province. It is a valid reference for all games of tennis whether played competitively or recreationally.

This publication includes sections on Definitions, the Code of Conduct, Suspension Points, Disciplinary Procedures as well as a Summary of General Tournament Regulations.

Every player (junior and adult) is responsible for knowing and understanding its contents.


Tennis Alberta’s Membership Terms and Conditions outline the terms for Adult, Junior and Recreational memberships.

Safeguarding Tennis

Safeguarding Tennis initiative supports the Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM) initiated and coordinated by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC).  The goal is to create coach led, athlete focused, safe and fun sport environments for both players and coaches that reflect the values of excellence, professionalism, passion, service and integrity. Tennis Alberta fully supports and complies with Tennis Canada’s policies for Safeguarding Tennis in Alberta.

Weather Advisory Guide

As per Tennis Alberta’s Junior, Adult and Senior Competitive Structures, relative to any sanctioned Tournament Format in Alberta, the Weather Advisory Guide is the standard for all sanctioned outdoor tournaments. This guideline, along with the Competitive Structure documents, give Tournament Directors a structure to determine how to deal with rain, severe weather and air quality issues.


Tennis Alberta’s Club Code of Conduct outlines terms for both Full and Associate Member Clubs. Its purpose is to ensure a safe and positive environment for Tennis in Alberta. It also guides the Tennis Alberta/Club relationship in a manner that will encourage the growth and development of the sport.

Eligibility Policy

Tennis Alberta’s Eligibility Policy outlines the residency requirements for Junior athletes to play in Alberta’s Junior Provincial Championships.

Discipline and Complaints

Tennis Alberta has a duty to deal with all complaints and concerns against persons within its jurisdiction. Tennis Alberta members looking to file a formal complaint can do so by completing this form below. Complaints are reviewed and assessed according to Section 5 of the Policy Manual. It is the responsibility of the member to review the policy and understand what constitutes a reasonable complaint and the complaint process. Please complete this form accurately and provide as much detail as possible.