Playing tennis competitively can be a fun way to test your skills on the court. Here you can find a step by step guide to help you start. There are a number of options to get involved in tennis competition from ladders at a tennis venue to tournaments sanctioned by Tennis Alberta.

1. Sign up for a Tennis Alberta Membership and get a ranking

Before you can compete in tennis competitions sanctioned by Tennis Alberta you will need to sign up for a Tennis Alberta Membership (TAM) to start building your ranking. Only those players with a Tennis Alberta Membership number can compete in competitions sanctioned by Tennis Alberta.

To find out if you already have a TAM or ranking, email

Sign up for Tennis Alberta Membership here.

2. Choose the right tennis competition

Read our guide that explains the different levels of competition and help you work out what’s appropriate for you.

3. Find and enter a tennis competition

Find the right competition to compete in. Once you find the right competition you can enter it from the search tool.