Indoor provincials are a chance for Alberta’s junior athletes to vie for a provincial title and Fischer Junior National spot. Held the first two weekends of March at Aforza and the Saville Community Sports Centre, athletes competed in both doubles and singles. Congratulations to all the athletes who participated.

Both weekends included a U9 or U10 tournaments for the younger players not yet ready for Provincials. A big thank you to Aforza and Saville Community Sports Centre for their valued partnership and making their courts available to host a sequence of junior events throughout the indoor season.


U12 Girls

  • Karina Berska, Champ
  • Polina Babkina, Finalist

U12 Boys

  • Attila Sanjevic, Champ
  • Nicholas Nechifor, Finalist

U14 Girls

  • Elicia Lin, Champ
  • Amaris Khotin-Fialkov, Finalist

U14 Boys

  • David Horvath, Champ
  • Morgan Lee, Finalist

U16 Girls

  • Sophie Stanton, Champ
  • Sara Kostic, Finalist

U16 Boys

  • Enoch Lin, Champ
  • Keenan Gotte, Finalist

U18 Girls

  • Sara Kostic, Champ
  • Jolene Fernandes, Finalist

U18 Boys

  • Kai Baerg, Champ
  • James Holt, Finalist

New format for U12 Nationals

Eight players in each category have been selected to represent Alberta at the 2023 Indoor Fischer Junior Nationals starting later in March. Selections are made based on the criteria outlined here.

This year Alberta’s U12 players will be competing in Tennis Canada’s new Indoor Cup format that includes a round robin and team event. Tennis Alberta was allocated three additional spots at U12 and one additional spot in U16.

Under 12 participants play March 25-April 1 in Calgary, Alberta.

  • Matthew Popa
  • Nicholas Nechifor
  • Attila Sanjevic
  • Alexander Noana
  • Kingston Ireland
  • Karina Berska
  • Polina Babkina
  • Kendra Zhang
  • Ruxleigh Bayasen
  • Sophie Murray
  • Meika Sebastian

Under 14 participants play April 3-9 in Vancouver, BC.

  • David Horvath
  • Andreas Mjeda
  • Morgan Lee
  • Armaan Patel
  • Elicia Lin
  • Sophia Montemurrro
  • Hana Delkic
  • Raya Didrova

Under 16 participants play March 25-30 in Verdun, Quebec.

  • Adam Faragcao
  • Enoch Lin
  • Keenan Gotte
  • Sasa Karagic
  • David Horvath
  • Sophie Stanton
  • Sienna Miles
  • Elicia Lin
  • Katherine Liu

Under 18 participants play April 1-8 in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Kai Baerg
  • James Holt
  • Enoch Lin
  • Keenan Gotte
  • Jolene Fernandes
  • Sienna Miles
  • Olivia Liu
  • Kerrigan Spiers

Best wishes to our 2023 Nationals teams. We will be cheering you on! #GoAlberta

L-R: U12: Kendra Zhang, Karina Berska, Meika Sebastian, Vera Wing
U14: David Horvath, Champ
L-R: Alex Noana, Nicholas Nechifor
L-R: U14 Elicia Lin, Champ; Amaris Khotin-Fialkov, Finalist
L-R: Sara Kostic, U18 Champ: Brook Tuffs, U16 Semi-Finalis
U9 Champ Avery Wong

Cover Photo: James Holt, Finalist; Kai Baerg, Champ U18. Photos supplied by Aforza and Saville Community Sports Centre.