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Junior Development Committee

In September 2018, the Junior Development Committee (JDC) was re-positioned as an advisory committee composed of representatives from each Tennis Development Centre (TDC) in Alberta, the Technical Manager, Tournaments & Provincial Programming and the Executive Director of Tennis Alberta. It’s purpose is to provide guidance, monitor and promote policies and practices intended to develop a system which includes a route for those who wish to excel, and options that promote ‘tennis for life’ for enjoyment, health, participation and achievement.

It supports and acts as advisors to Tennis Alberta staff responsible for the junior high performance programs and act as ambassadors of Alberta’s competitive structure. View the JDC TOR 2018 (revised September 2018).

Committee Members:

Royal Glenora – Ryan Schroffel
The Tennis Academy – Marc Colangeli
Calgary Winter Club – Peter Smythe
Glencoe Club – Neil Parker
World Health Club – Adrian Court
Saville Community Sports Centre – Corey Stuart
Osten & Victor Alberta Tennis Centre – Adam Bond

To contact the committee, please speak to your club representative.


Tournament Committee

The Tournament Committee’s purpose is to establish an equitable and transparent process for approving the schedule of Tennis Alberta sanctioned events. They also establish a sanctioned event contract between Tennis Alberta and its host clubs. Finally they review, develop and/or revise any tournament policies NOT included in Tennis Alberta’s Junior Competitive Structure Document.

View the Tournament Committee Terms of Reference.

Committee Members: In process of restructure (To be launched in 2019)


Sportsmanship & Ethical Conduct Committee

The Sportsmanship & Ethical Conduct Committee’s purpose is to develop a culture of sportsmanship and ethical conduct within the tennis community in Alberta.

Committee Members: In process of restructure (To be launched in 2019)