Tennis Alberta extends our appreciation to the Calgary Tennis Club (CTC) for helping to support the development of tennis and helping kids in our province make tennis a sport for life. In May of 2022, Calgary Tennis Club piloted a program to introduce tennis to Sacred Heart School students. Within walking distance to CTC, students participated in a weekly after-school lessons free of charge, thanks to a grant from Canadian Tire Jumpstart. The program continued through the summer months with great enthusiasm by students and parents. CTC plans to continue the program in 2023.

Tennis Alberta supported the initiative with junior racquets and tennis balls. 

Special recognition to Patrick Thomas from Calgary Tennis Club (center in photo above) who will receive a Tennis Canada Distinguished Service Award this November for his over 20 plus years of service to the sport including his work with University of Calgary tennis team and as Juniors Director at the Calgary Tennis Club. Patrick is known for his integrity, professionalism and commitment to tennis and the community.