We are pleased to introduce THE SLICE Tennis News: a tennis talk show with a growing worldwide reach. The Slice was created in 2017 by Stephen Boughton, an Ambrose University (Calgary) alumnus, who hosts the show from various locations across Western Canada. Viewed over 400,000 times in its first year, The Slice makes entertaining videos about professional tennis and tennis culture in general.

The Slice breaks down the biggest tennis matches happening on the ATP tour by giving predictions, analyses, and (slightly biased) commentary. The Slice has also done interviews with world class tennis professionals and personalities including Brad Gilbert (ESPN), Robert Bettauer (Sportsnet), Mitchel Krueger (#175 ATP), and others. The Slice shows the fun side of tennis tournaments by producing vlogs, doing fan interviews, and serving an inside perspective on the hype surrounding tour events!

The show also provides exposure to up and coming tennis players and events, with a focus on Canadian tennis. An upcoming video is being made about the recent UofA Bears vs. UWO Mustangs matches from last weekend in collaboration with Tennis Alberta. The Slice fervently believes (nay, knows!) that tennis is the greatest sport on the planet and wants to help it become more popular in Canada and around the globe!

We are excited to feature content by The Slice to the community and will be posting their content on Tennis Alberta channels. Be sure to subscribe to THE SLICE channel on YouTube to get the latest videos and all the coverage the show provides. You can also follow @theslicetennis on your favorite social media channel for giveaways and awesome tennis content.

We invite all local tennis content creators to reach out to Tennis Alberta for a chance to have their content featured in our channels.