Effective June 28th, 2022 Tennis Alberta will be implementing the following system for dealing with disciplinary issues at all junior sanctioned events:

Changes to the On-Court Disciplinary System

1st Violation – Point Penalty

2nd and Subsequent Violations – Game Penalty

*It will be the discretion of the official whether to default a player after the 2nd Code Violation, given the nature of the player’s behaviour on court.

Changes to the Suspension Point System

With each code violation, the on-court official will be able to recommend that the player receives one or more suspension points depending on the severity of the situation. The Provincial Tennis Association (PTA) will review this recommendation and if they agree with the decision of the official will add a suspension point to the player’s profile.

Accumulation of Code Violations

Tennis Alberta will also be distributing Suspension Points to players based on accumulation of Code Violations, given that none of these violations have come with the recommendation of an automatic suspension point. For every THREE code violations which a player receives, they will receive one automatic suspension points. These points will stay on a player’s record for 52 weeks. For example, if a player were to receive a Code Violation in Week 1, Week 10 and Week 51, they would then receive one suspension point. These Suspension Points cannot be contested by the player or player party.

Code Contrary to the Integrity of the Game

If a player or member of the player party is caught to be involved in conduct contrary to the integrity of the game, this will result in a review of their behaviour and potentially one or more automatic suspension points, being added to their player profile. These decisions will be at the sole discretion of the PTA.


Any player who receives 3 Suspension Points in a 52 week period will be barred from competing in any Regional, Provincial or National Level event for a given time depending on whether or not this is their first suspension or not:

1st Suspension – 3 Month Ban

2nd Suspension – 6 Month Ban

3rd + Suspension – 6+ Month Ban