Nutrition is a crucial aspect of any sports and fitness regime. Unfortunately, there is a lack of tennis-specific nutritional information on the web, which is why Tennis Alberta has partnered with local nutrition experts from MealKraft. Together, we’ll be bringing our players up-to-date nutritional information directly related to playing your best game.

MealKraft is a local company that delivers delicious and healthy home-style meals to the doorsteps of Edmontonians. MealKraft knows that between work, school, family, and sports, it’s difficult to find time to make healthy, home-cooked meals you can truly enjoy. MealKraft was designed as a simple solution to avoid takeout and eat healthy food at home. It’s ideal for anyone with after-work or after-school sports schedules, because it allows you to eat fresh and nourishing meals whenever you want.

MealKraft owners Sean Chai and Greg Curran have always been passionate about nutrition and health. They’re motivated by the firm belief that health-conscious meal choices should be available for everyone, regardless of their lifestyle. The MealKraft menu is simple and balances flavor with nutrition. Customers don’t need to worry about getting bored; new meals are introduced each month, while fan favourites stay in regular rotation. For more information about what kind of meals you can have prepared and delivered direct to your door, visit MealKraft’s FAQ page and take a peek through their mouthwatering menu.

MealKraft and Tennis Alberta are excited to work together to bring a bi-weekly blog focused directly on sports nutrition and health topics. Players looking to improve their game and increase energy and wellbeing both on and off the court can learn nutrition tips and tricks from experts, professional players, and health and wellness gurus. You’ll learn which macronutrients you need and when, how to balance your lifestyle with healthy eating, and how to prep for matches with powerfoods.

Looking for information about a specific topic? We’d love to hear from you and learn how we can help. Feel free to get in touch any time!

MealKraft Edmonton – Ace Your Meals, Ace Your Game


Greg Curran is a nutrition and food science major from the Bachelor of Science program at the University of Alberta. His passion for travelling has allowed him to experience food from around the world, and bring some of those distinct flavours back to the kitchen in Edmonton. His spare time is spent in healthy pursuits, including sports and fitness.

Sean Chai majored in Economics at the U of A, and after 14 years of diverse experience in the food and hospitality industry, he decided to combine his passion for food, and experience and education to create MealKraft. Sean’s involvement in the local business community drives MealKraft’s vision, and has led to valuable partnerships with local sports and fitness organizations in Edmonton.