Tennis Alberta is pleased to announce it’s Official Scoring Partner, Swing by Mangolytics – a free to use innovative iOS App that helps players keep track of their scores, shot type, ball rotation speed, and match statistics. Since launching in 2016 Swing has become one of the top 50 most downloaded sports apps in the App Store. We have been fielding testing Swing since the beginning of 2018 to provide overlay live scoring and stats for it’s Tennis Alberta LIVE productions of major local events. Tennis Alberta is the first provincial tennis association to utilize live display of scores and with it’s partnership with Swing looks forward to bringing more live score updates to tennis fans across Alberta from the province’s top events.

Swing has multiple functions many players, coaches, and parents will find very useful. The app allows easy tracking and broadcasting of scores with the ability for friends and family to follow and cheer on the match. Pair the app with an Apple Watch and you unlock a wide array of health data such as calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate, as well as shot analysis. If you’ve been competing with a buddy about who has the biggest serve now you can determine a winner with Swing. The app also allows for scheduling matches and setting reminders for upcoming matches to play in or follow. Use Swing’s court finder and find out who’s been beating your mates 6-0, 6-0 at your favorite courts and challenge them for a match. Clubs now have the ability to bring a Grand Slam feel to their finals by projecting the scoreboard to any TV equipped with an Apple TV.

Swing was created by a team of young computer science tennis fans with the vision to provide tennis analytics to recreational tennis players around the world. The team of developers are always working to provide new features for their app. If you have any recommendations feel free to send them to us.