PlayCity was founded as a solution to a problem that many tennis players face. As many have experienced, finding a hitting partner to play when you have the time, at a location that is convenient to both and most importantly, within the same skill level is extremely difficult. Hafiz Mitha, PlayCity founder/CEO and Calgary tennis player had the idea when he himself could not find a suitable match when he wanted to play. He then assembled a team and took aspects of apps that use geo-location, preferences and member profiles and created PlayCity in the summer of 2016. Since launching, PlayCity has over 1800 users with over 1100 unique matches created.

The PlayCity app works by matching players of similar skill level looking for someone to play with and then points them to the closest location between them to meet and play.

Partnering with the City of Calgary, many of the leading recreation facilities in Calgary, and now venturing into corporations, PlayCity’s mission is simple – connect people through physical activity. PlayCity has helped Tennis Alberta before in promoting and running the #YYCGetMoving Street Tennis Tournament in Eau Claire Market Square in Calgary’s downtown core last month and is already committed to supporting future Tennis Alberta initiatives which aim to get people on the courts and get active.

The partnership between Tennis Alberta and PlayCity will help to raise awareness of the app to a population that already plays, and those who want to play but find it difficult to find others within their existing network. Tennis Alberta commits to populating the PlayCity database with the locations of tennis courts in Alberta and PlayCity will assist Tennis Alberta in promoting play opportunities through the app.

You can download and use the app for free now at