Joshua Oboniye U16 Provincial Champ 2019

From February 21-24, more than 40  U12 and U16 athletes competed at Junior Provincials at the OSTEN & VICTOR Alberta Tennis Centre.

Finals Matches

Boys U12 Singles 

Adam Faragcao, Champion
Maksim Gluic, Finalist

Girls U12 Singles 

Sara Kostic, Champion
Sophie Stanton, Finalist

Boys U12 Doubles 

Adam Faragcao & Enoch Lin, Champion
Charles Flaman & Lucas Poirier, Finalist

Girls U12 Doubles

Sara Kostic & Waverly Potter, Champion
Ava Degrand & Madelynn Ludwig, Finalist

Boys U16 Singles 

Joshua Oboniye, Champion
Tyler Waddock, Finalist

Boys U 16 Doubles 

Arshjot Singh Bhatti  & Joshua Oboniye, Champion
Chetanna Amadike & Arthur Mccarthy, Finalist

Girls U16 Singles 

Alexia Jacobs, Champion
Martyna Ostryzgalo, Finalist

Girls U16 Doubles 

Alexia Jacobs & Martyna Ostrzygalo, Champion
Alex Jewitt & Emma Rutherford, Finalist

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U14/U18 Junior Provincials takes place  February 28 – March 3 at the Saville Community Sports Centre.

(Photo: Joshua Oboniye: Candice Ward Photography)