From February 28 – March 3, more than 40  U14 and U18 athletes competed at Junior Provincials at the Saville Community Sports Centre.

Finals Matches

Boys U14 Singles 

Chetanna Amadike, Champion
Adam Faragcao, Finalist

Girls U14 Singles 

Martyna Ostrzygalo, Champion
Alexia Jacobs, Finalist

Boys U14 Doubles 

Chetanna Amadike & Mac Kim, Champions
Kai Baerg & James Holt, Finalist

Girls U14 Doubles

Alexia Jacobs & Aurora Pedwell, Champions
Gianna Oboniye & Martyna Ostrzygalo, Finalists

Boys U18 Singles 

Joshua Oboniye, Champion
Tyler Sinclair, Finalist

Girls U18  Singles

Hana Gamracy, Champion
Alex Jewitt, Finalist

Boys U18 Doubles

Joshua Oboniye & Edan Shpigel, Champions
Michael Robinson & Tyler Sinclair, Finalists

Girls U18 Doubles 

Alex Jewitt & Emma Rutherford, Champions
Grace Bell & Emily Niers, Finalist

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The U18 Girls and Boys Finals was streamed live on Tennis Alberta LIVE. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

(Hana Gamracy, Photo: Don Voaklander)