When Neil Parker from Calgary’s Glencoe Club floated the idea of a doubles tournament for young NextGen players, to be called the Glencoe Cup, it caught on.  Richard Cooper of the Winter Club in Calgary and Marvin Hinds of the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton jumped in with both feet.  And a private club doubles tournament was born.

The three clubs worked together to plan a fun and developmental weekend.  About thirty NextGen players took over the Glencoe courts on December 15 weekend.  By all accounts, it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend for all involved.

“I am loving it so far.” (coach)

“It was a fantastic event, so much fun.” (player)

The tournament started with the congenial exchange of club crests, shown in the photo above–the Glencoe, the Winter Club, and the Royal Glenora Club.  After that it was play, play, play.

The photo below shows the teams from the Winter Club, the Glencoe Club, and the Royal Glenora Club with team coaches Richard Cooper, Neil Parker, and Marvin Hinds.

The three lead organizers (Parker, Cooper, Hinds) and players talked about the pluses of this inaugural tournament:

  • The doubles format and the team component highlight the fun side of tennis, complementing the individuality of singles play.
  • Most tournaments do not offer doubles so this tournament filled a gap.
  • The players completed many matches, met new people, and socialized with teammates and new tennis friends.

This creative initiative added to the tennis experience of the young NextGen players who participated.  Hopefully it will be repeated next year.  Congratulations to the Glencoe Club, also to the Winter Club and the Royal Glenora Club, and to all of the players who took part.

Glencoe Cup 2018 from The Glencoe Clubs on Vimeo.