As of June 30th 2020, it will become mandatory for everyone that is coaching, instructing, or assisting and that is in a position of authority in all indoor and outdoor clubs in Canada to complete safe sport screening and education.

There are three methods of completing safe sport screening and education:

  1. Certification: these comprehensive courses last several days and offer various levels of certification for instructors, club professionals, and coaches. Certification ensures proven competencies and is highly recommended for any individual involved in teaching tennis or running tennis programming. Certification includes all benefits of Tennis Professionals Association (TPA) membership including liability insurance.
  2. Community Tennis Facilitator Training: this non-certification five-hour in-person course plus online education/training includes safeguarding education, importance of quality standards to ensure retention and growth, age appropriate equipment, organizing play activities, and communicating effectively with children. This course costs $69 and includes all benefits of TPA membership except liability insurance.
  3. Safeguarding only: this online-only option includes safe sport screening and education. This option costs $30 and offers no specific tennis training, certification, or benefits of TPA membership.

Note: all three methods include the four mandatory components of safe sport screening and education listed below.

For further information and for course registration, please visit the TPA website.

Please note that registration for the Community Tennis Facilitator Training will be available at the end of February and registration for the Safeguarding online course will be available at the end of January.