Dear Tennis Alberta Member, 

Subsequent to the completion of the U12/U16 Junior Provincials, an athlete who competed in the event was deemed ineligible to have participated. After consulting with Tennis Canada, Tennis Alberta has removed the athlete’s ranking points from the tournament and is rescinding all U12/U16 Junior Nationals invitations based on the March 5 ranking update. 

Tennis Alberta is making selections for U12, U14, and U16 based on rankings updated on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. This update will include the amended U12/U16 Provincials results and the U14/U18 Provincial Championships results. Selected athletes will be notified. Tennis Canada continues to have a short timeline for Tennis Alberta to submit its teams, and we kindly ask selected athletes to respond ASAP. 

Tennis Alberta apologizes for any confusion and concern this has caused our members. 

Members can send any questions about Junior Nationals Selections to info@tennisalberta.com.

Tennis Canada has released the dates and links to FACT SHEETS for the upcoming 2024 Indoor Fischer Junior Nationals. Each fact sheet contains valuable information about the structure of the tournaments, travel and all necessary waivers.  Fact sheets are updated by Tennis Canada. Continue to check the fact sheets for updated information as the tournament date gets closer. 

Tennis Alberta will be selecting athletes for Junior Nationals based on the rankings updated on March 12, 2024. Tennis Alberta will notify athletes shortly there after.

As outlined in the Junior Competitive Structure, Tennis Alberta will select eight (8) spots (four (4) male, four (4) female in the U12, U14 and U16 categories represent Tennis Alberta at the Fischer Junior Nationals.

For additional information, please consult: 



For U18 Junior Nationals, Tennis Canada utilize a merit-based entry system based on National Rankings which decides player eligibility per each province. Due to this change, Tennis Alberta will not implement a U18 Junior Nationals selection process, formulate a provincial U18 team, or send a provincial coach to U18 Nationals events.

U18 players can compete in the main draw and qualifying events at Junior Nationals and are expected to register online through the Tennis Canada Tournament system (tc.tournamentssoftware.com) if they would like to compete at Nationals. A link to the tournament entry will be posted on the fact sheet. 


Tennis Canada is requiring the Respect In Sport Parent Module be completed for athletes playing Nationals. Respect In Sport is an important education tool that defines a standard of behaviour for all parents and creates a more rewarding, safe, and respectful environment for everyone involved.

Free of charge to a minimum of one parent/guardian for each athlete competing in at the Fischer Junior Nationals. 

Failure of parents to complete this program by the deadline will result in the ineligibility of their child to participate in the Fischer Nationals. Check the tournament fact sheet for more information. 

Any questions regarding the 2024 Indoor Fischer Junior Nationals can be directed to info@tennisalberta.com