Junior tennis athletes from across the province descended on Medicine Hat from June 20-23 to participate in the Outdoor Alberta Junior Open.  This was the first Outdoor Junior Open held in the province, and the second Junior Open ever – the first one took place February 15-18 at the Tennis Academy.

The Medicine Hat Tennis Club showed tremendous support for this new event. A number of club members came out to cheer on Alberta’s junior players. They helped ensured the tournament ran smoothly, drying courts and supplying homemade cinnamon buns to the athletes.

“Events like this are important because they allow the sport to grow in locations outside of Edmonton and Calgary. There were a few Medicine Hat players who

Enjoying some treats.

competed and are now looking to travel and play other tournaments, and become a part of the competitive structure,” comments Derek van den Berg, Technical Manager,  Tournament and Provincial Programs “High Performance is pyramid shaped, and the more players we can have in the system, or the bigger the base, the higher summit we can have, so it’s important to try to get all of the communities involved.”

Hosting tournaments across the province also allows players to see new locations. Junior players had the opportunity to see the quality of Medicine Hat Tennis Club’s facilities. Once-a-year events such as this help create memories for Alberta’s young players fostering a life-long love of the sport.

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Congratulations to all the athletes who participated.

Outdoor Alberta Junior Open Champs

U12 Boys
Lucas Poirier, Champ
Jaden Mah, Finalist

Boys U14
James Holt, Champ
Kai Baerg, Finalist

Boys U16
Kaetan Mehta, Champ
Nolan Sax, Finalist

Boys U18
Arthur McCarthy , Champ
Luca Macovei, Finalist

Girls U12
Sienna Miles, Champ
Julia Ionescu, Finalist

Girls U14
Maya Elsaghir, Champ
Anya Tkachyk, Finalist

Girls U18
Piper Sartison, Champ
Sophia, Vedar, Finalist

Boys Doubles U12
Charles Flaman/Enoch Lin, Champs
Conor Cherneski/Preston Codrington, Finalist

Boys Doubles U14
Jaden Rosales/Nolan Vincent, Champs
Kai Baerg/Kayden Dugas, Finalist

Boys Doubles U18
Brandon Lin/Arthur McCarthy, Champs
James Holt/ Kaetan Mehta, Finalists

Girls Doubles U18
Waverly Potter/Sophie Stanton, Champs
Ava Degrand/Madelynn Ludwig, Finalists

U18 Champ Arthur McCarthy
U12 Champ Lucas Poirier
U14 Champ James Holt
U18 Champ Piper Sartison
U12 Champ Sienna Miles
U14 Champ Maya Elsaghir and Finalist Anya Tkachyk
U16 Champ Kaetan Mehta and Finalist Nolan Sax