The top girls under 10 from across the province were invited to a special regrouping organized by Tennis Alberta with the support of Tennis Canada. Every member club in the province had the opportunity to nominate their top girls to recruit for this event. The regrouping was split over two one-day camps over two weekends which constituted of an on court training session as well as a fitness training session delivered by a team of all-female coaches. Both camps took place at the Alberta Tennis Centre (ATC) in Calgary, home to Tennis Canada’s National Junior Training Program and were delivered by coaches Suzana Cavalcante, Diana Jacobs, and Rosi Brzostowski.


Suzana Cavalcante, the regrouping’s Coach Leader, summarized Sunday’s final session:

Several parents expressed their gratitude for having their girls invited to the camp, saying that it has become more evident that Tennis Alberta and Tennis Canada are making obvious efforts to train and develop youngsters in our province. Many asked how many of these camps are hosted each year, and others highlighted how grateful they were with having received Little Aces grants through their TDC clubs…

The focus of the last camp was to have the girls practice some aspects of Tennis Canada’s winning tennis tactics, as well as compete with their peers. The environment was one of friendship and camaraderie.

The regrouping wrapped up with a pizza party and a little magic. Panago Pizza delivered on time and everything was delicious, the girls enjoyed it very much. Of course the magician show was the highlight of the day for many of them as Robert Wong did an amazing job using many of the girls as his “assistants”, setting the tone for a nice family show.

Suzana, who is a coach at the Alberta Tennis Centre, delivered a wrap up speech, highlighting how grateful and honored the ATC team was to have had the opportunity to receive players and parents in their Tennis Centre. She further highlighted how these events are extremely important in bringing in new talent to our province and nurturing a culture of high quality training, player and parent tennis education.

We would like to thank all parents, Tennis Canada for funding this initiative, all the coaches involved, and all of the girls’ private coaches for nominating their pupils to this regrouping. If you are looking for a comprehensive list of professional player development resources available in Alberta visit the Professional Player Development section of our website.