The Volley, our weekly newsletter serving Alberta’s tennis news and upcoming competition opportunities, has added a new feature which will allow us to provide even more value to our members. Starting this week every newsletter will feature a Membership summary section at the top right of each newsletter which aims to keep players and tennis fans updated on their membership status with Tennis Alberta.

Membership Summary Plug-In

The most significant change is that everyone will have a one-click access to a personalized page that summarizes their tournament performance and ranking progression. Additional features will include exclusive discounts to equipment sales, pre-sales to Davis Cup, and more. Check the Join tab to see the comprehensive benefits of membership.

The Volley will now be able to better personalize the content you see. Events taking place in your region will be highlighted so that you don’t miss out on exciting tennis opportunities in your community.

Why is an active membership important?

There are more than 500,000 Albertans who have played tennis in the past year, half of those identify themselves as frequent players, hitting the courts at least once a week (Charlton Canadian Tennis Brand Health Study, 2015). However, those players who have registered themselves as members of Tennis Alberta do not reach even 1% of those active in the game. This creates a major obstacle for Tennis Alberta as well as regional tennis bodies when trying to obtain funding to help support the grown of the sport as well as developing accessible facilities for both recreational and competitive players. Tennis Alberta membership is a rally point for every Albertan who loves tennis and a vote of support towards the growth of the game in our province. No matter your age or playing ability, Tennis Alberta has a membership option for everyone. Our free Recreational Membership is available for recreational players interested in accessing tips, discounts and tennis news. Or for those interested in competing, purchase a Tournament Membership and test your skills at a sanctioned tournament for $60.00 per year..

Club Players: Your Tennis Alberta membership associated with your home club is also very important in assisting the efforts of your club in securing funding from Tennis Canada in the form of Tennis Development Centre (TDC) or Building Tennis Communities (BTC) grants.

Public Court Players: Your Tennis Alberta membership associated with your region assists municipalities and counties in identifying tennis communities who utilize the public courts in their area. This may be the difference between securing funding for resurfacing or expansion or losing those courts completely to make space for other projects.

Play your part now in Tennis Alberta!

Important note for tennis parents

For members who are currently using one email for multiple memberships, the plug-in will select one member under that email account to create the personalized membership summary on your newsletter. We highly recommend members use a different email alias for each of their Tennis Alberta memberships (eg. mum, dad, son, daughter, etc.) in order to enjoy the full benefits of personalized content appearing at the Membership Summary Plug-In. You can click on the following email providers to find out how to setup new aliases: Outlook/Hotmail, Gmail, Shaw, Telus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I logged into my Tennis Alberta membership profile but can’t find an option to change my club. How do I change my home club?

A: Just send an email to with your Tennis Alberta Membership number and the club you have moved to.


Q: When I try to register for a Tennis Alberta membership it asks me for my region. How do I find what region I belong to?

A: Our member clubs page contains a map of Alberta divided by regions. If you can’t find your community on the map use the Alberta Sport Connection zone list to determine your region.


If you have any questions regarding membership please email us at