Register for one of the upcoming U10 (Green Ball) events happening in Calgary and Edmonton. U10 tournaments are for players who have advanced from Orange Ball Tennis and are ready to begin competing on a full-size court with Green Dot Tennis Balls. U10 tournaments are open to players board in 2013 or higher.

Playing in an Under 10 event

All players participating in U10 events are required to know the fundamental rules of tennis as follows:

  1. Scoring formats and keeping score via (tie break and standard games scoring).
  2. Line calling. Participants should be aware that each player is responsible for calling lines on their respective side of the court.
  3. The one bounce rule.
  4. Change of ends during standard game and tie break formats.
  5. Understanding which court to serve and return from based on the score.
  6. Racquet spin ahead of the warm up and options available.
  7. Awareness of stopping play and calling for assistance in case there exists a discrepancy in the score or repeated line call issues. Tennis etiquette requires the benefit of the doubt be given to the opponent in the event an incorrect line call is perceived to have been made. Only in the case a perceived sequence of incorrect line calls have been made should tournament staff be informed.

More information about U10 tournaments can be found on page 11 of the Junior Competitive Structure

Questions regarding U10 events can be sent to