Tennis Alberta wishes to advise our membership that due to the consolidation of the Alberta Sport Connection into the Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and the Status of Women as well as significant reductions of funding to sport, physical activity and recreation, Tennis Alberta will be required to increase programming and team fees in 2020. 


One of the results of the Provincial Government budget reduction has been the elimination of the second half of funding to Tennis Alberta for the Provincial Coach Development Program (2019-2020) and the notice of termination of the Provincial Coach Development Program Grant Funding Agreement going forward.


In light of this information, we can appreciate that this news is disappointing but we ask for your understanding as we continue to work on new ways to help bridge financials losses that have occurred in Alberta’s current economic environment.


On that note, Tennis Alberta would like encourage our members to consider getting involved by donating or sponsoring Tennis Alberta. To find out more, please click here