Alberta Junior tennis stars showcased the strength of Alberta’s junior development programs on the courts of the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton at the MNP Junior Champs tournament on Feb. 8-11. They served, rallied and volleyed with skill, determination, and sportsmanship.  Many of these players will go on to compete in Calgary at the U14 and U18 events Feb. 15-18, working toward nationals in  March and April.

All  players, parents, coaches and tournament organizers deserve praise.  Achieving this level of tennis involves hours and hours of practice every week, a grueling tournament schedule, travel, private lessons, group training, physio and chiropractic sessions.  A significant investment is required by all involved.

The tennis was amazing, especially for the size, weight and age of players.  The pace of the balls is beyond description.   How do these young bodies produce such speed and accuracy?  How do these young minds know when to drive a ball cross-court, lob a ball deep, or slice the ball short?  Court demenor was respectful.  Effort was outstanding, no matter what the match-up or the score.

The top Canadian player, at number 8 in Canada, was Nawal Youssef who won the  U12 girls in a convincing final against Gianna Oboniye.  Nawal  demonstrated a fully developed game, with amazing pace on well-selected shots.  The final in the U16 boys division featured brothers Ethan and Joshua Oboniye.  It is a special day when brothers face off in a tennis final, and a sister competes in a final as well.   The boys’ match was a pleasure to watch, with a display of baseline pace, sportsmanship, and tactical rallies that showed off both players’ talent.

  • Girls U12: Nawal Issam Youssef (1), Gianna Oboniye (2), Paulina Grant (3), Morgan Tuffs (4)
  • Boys U12: Adam Faragcao (1), Kai Baerg (2), James Holt (3), Braydon Bouliane (4)
  • Girls U16: Mia Kupres (1), Hana Gamracy (2), Emma Rutherford (3/4), Martyna Ostrzyalo (3/4)
  • Boys U16: Ethan Oboniye (1), Joshua Oboniye (2), Emmett Potter (3), Ryan Murphy (4)

Congratulations to all players at this years’ MNP Junior Champs U12 and U16.  Your hard work shone through.

Link to the U12 and U16 tournament, Feb. 8-11. 

Link to the U14 and U18 tournament, Feb. 15-18.

Tennis is a game and a sport that can be played from age 4 to 94, for recreation or competitively.  For the youth and families who choose to play competitively, tennis provides memories, life experience, and mental and physical development that empowers and enables. Keep up the great work, Alberta Juniors!