Through 2022/2023 Inspire Through Sport brought its mentorship program to Alberta females looking to develop their leadership skills and achieve Instructor Course Certification. Participants engaged in virtual webinars, online mentorship sessions and live regroupings building their leadership and coaching skills. 

The Inspire Through Sport Program is an initiative aimed at inspiring and training more female leaders and coaches in the sport of tennis. This program seeks to provide a safe and empowering environment where young females can gain valuable life experiences, acquire essential skills, and unlock their full potential. Through a combination of mentorship, training, and collaboration, the program nurtures a community of aspiring tennis leaders, fostering personal growth and building lasting friendships.

The program creates a collaborative environment where young females can come together, learn, grow, and take on leadership roles. By recognizing that there are multiple pathways to success, the Inspire Mentorship Program tailors its approach to individual needs, helping each participant reach their full potential. Through team-oriented learning, the girls develop friendships, enhance teamwork skills, and thrive in a non-competitive environment. The program also incorporates mentorship, providing a strong support network for the mentees to help them achieve their personal goals. To ensure the participants receive the highest quality training, the Inspire Through Sport team offers the TPA (Tennis Professionals Association) Instructor Course throughout the program’s duration. As part of the Inspire Mentorship Program, all participants have the opportunity to pursue the Instructor Course certification. This comprehensive training equips the aspiring leaders and coaches with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their roles.