Rogers Rookie Tour Athabasca

Athabasca, 2 hours north of Edmonton, was home to a U12 Red Court Tournament, September 23, as part of the Rogers Rookie Tour.

Kids ages 7 – 12, all beginners, competed against each other on a cold overcast day. Neither kids nor parents knew what a tennis tournament is like and everyone had a very good time.

The tournament was divided into two groups: The U.S. Open group and the French Open group. They played timed matches, had a scorekeeper for every match and played 4 games each. The winners from both groups, Lena Dundas (8) and Tyler Halldorson (7) faced off in the championship round, with Tyler being the overall winner.

Parents looking forward to the next event!

Parents enjoyed supporting the players. Tarra Jardine is a parent in the community whose two kids played in the tournament, and she said that the day went well. “It was a great event. The kids had so much fun – they loved it,” she said. “It was well organized. The parents seemed happy. Parents are happy, kids are happy, everybody’s happy.”

She also said she would like to see more events like this in the community.

The players absolutely got the real deal of what tennis is like and why we play tennis. One of the players that started with lessons in Spring, Lena Dundas, mentioned to her mom at the end of the day,

“I want to do this every month!”

The community of Athabasca is very grateful towards Rogers and Tennis Canada for the opportunity to expose their kids to the sport of tennis in such a fun way!


(Picture credit: Kaleidoscope Images)

This article was written by Marie Esterhuizen, Organizer of the Athabasca Community Tennis Association.

The Rogers Rookie Tour is a national program that is designed to bridge the gap between entry-level tennis and the provincial competitive junior circuit. Find out more about competition opportunities available to juniors in Alberta