(Updated August 12)

Tennis Canada recently announced summer junior nationals events will be held in September 2021. Locations have still to be confirmed and this information will be made available in the coming weeks. As it relates to the Alberta Provincial Competitive Structure for the summer of 2021, please review the following information which outlines the policies and procedures the association will be implementing specifically for the summer months:

To begin, the summer has been broken down into three individual phases:

  • Phase 1: Return to Play (4 weeks, tournaments restricted to regional players only)
  • Phase 2: Provincial Championships (4 weeks, beginning with the Alberta Open)
  • Phase 3: National Championships (4-5 weeks)

As it relates to 3.5/3 Star Events and the players that participate in those, unfortunately many club policies are not allowing tournaments during the month of July, whether due to their personal restrictions or wanting to return the court availability to their members. As a result the association has fewer venues available to host events. Therefore the priority has been placed on the higher level players that will be training to compete at National championship events. The schedule is currently fluid, and if more venues become available Tennis Alberta will look to add additional 3.5 and 3 Star events. The association are currently searching for a venue to host the old Challenger Provincials.

Phase 1: Return to Play

  • This phase consists of 2 weeks of 3.5 Stars, followed by 2 weeks of 4 stars divided into North and South Regions in an attempt to ease players back into competing.
  • The 3.5 Star junior tournament will accommodate 16 players on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The 4 Star junior tournaments will accommodate a total of 20 players based on their rankings, 12 will be accepted directly and 8 will play for the remaining 4 qualifying spots.
  • The 3.5 Star junior tournaments  will be able to accommodate a total of 256 (non-individual players), 64 per age group across the province.
  • The 4 Star junior tournaments will be able to accommodate a total of 320 (non-individual players), 80 per age group across the province.

All sanctioned adult events will be open to all participants throughout the province and will operate as Provincial events rather than regional ones. This is due to the recent decision being made to reopen the province as of July 1.


Phase 2:  Provincial Championships

  • As August commences, junior tournaments will be combined into Provincial rather than regional events, meaning less players will have the opportunity to enter events.
  • The first event in this phase will be the Alberta Open, where Juniors will be allowed to compete in either the 5.0 or Open categories. This week can also be used as a rest phase.
  • The following two weeks will be 4 Star events with the same entry process as indicated above.
  • The final week will be Tennis Alberta’s 6 day Provincial Championships. (Please view the updated provincial tournament calendar and Return to Play-summer 2021 junior competitive structure document for further details pertaining to national selection process and other important competitive structure information).

Phase 3: Junior National Championships

  • The dates for junior nationals are as follows (updated August 12):
      • U12 Junior Nationals: September 12-18, Carrefour Multisports, Laval, QC
      • U14 Junior Nationals: September 19-25, Carrefour Mulstisport, Laval, QC
      • U16 Junior Nationals: September 12-18, Milton Tennis Club (Milton), ON
      • U18 Junior Nationals: September 19-25. TBC
  • As Tennis Alberta do not have time to implement a comprehensive National Selection tournament process, the decision for players to attend Nationals will be based on their ranking after the conclusion of Phase 2 of tournament play. The rankings will be updated on August 24th.
  • In order to qualify to represent Team Alberta, players will need to compete at Tennis Alberta’s Provincial Championships. Under no circumstance will wildcards be awarded.
  • In addition, Tennis Alberta will attempt to fill the dates between Provincials with additional competitive opportunities.

Parents and competitors can view information sheets about the U12 & u14  junior nationals tournaments HERE.


Please note Tennis Alberta and other provincial associations across the country will not be sending coaching staff to 2021 summer nationals events, therefore families will be required to accompany their child to these tournaments.