The U10 Future Stars and U14/U18 Junior Champs series made a stop at the Saville’s outdoor centre last weekend bringing to the site young players of all ages. Players had the privilege to play in some beautiful weather on the Saturday and Sunday of the event. They had to fight the heat, but overall, a fantastic weekend of tennis.


(note that 1st place is listed last in each event and that there were only singles events):

U18G 3rd – Hana Gamracy
U18G 2nd – Emma Rutherford
U18G 1st – Mia Kupres

U18B 3rd – Alex Vukovic
U18B 2nd – Tyler Sinclair
U18B 1st – Oscar Yang

U14G 3rd – Alexia Jacobs
U14G 2nd – Alexandra Jewitt
U14G 1st – Martyna Ostrsygalo

U14B 3rd – Mac Kim
U14B 2nd – Joshua Oboniye
U14B 1st – Tyler Waddock

U10G 3rd – Chelsea Karen Waddock
U10G 2nd – Delilah Anne Watt
U10G 1st – Angelina Grant

U10B 3rd – Jace Richardson
U10B 2nd – Jaden Mah
U10B 1st – Preston Codrington

Congratulations to all the athletes who competed over the weekend.  Everyone played exceptional tennis and we are  looking forward to watching our young stars compete in future events!

Many thanks to the coordinators of the tournament: Andrea Jones, Chad Molzan, Anastasia Gasheva

The Futures Stars Circuit and MNP Junior Champs Series are sanctioned by Tennis Alberta.