Alberta’s top junior players traveled to Ontario and Quebec in September to compete at the U12, U14, U16 and U18 Fischer Junior Outdoor Nationals Championships. Postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s juniors were back on court in full force. Team Alberta came to win battling hard against players from across Canada. 

Ostrzygalo U16 Champ 

Martyna Ostrzygalo won the girls’ under 16’s singles event against Naomi Xu of Quebec. Ostrzygalo also finished runner up in the girls’ singles under 18 event.

Kai Baerg finished runner up, with partner Keegan Rice from Saskatchewan, in the boys’ under 16’s doubles draw.⠀

Team Alberta Strong at U14 Nationals

Adam Faragcao was a finalist in the boys’ U14 category placing second to Owen A.K. Nguyen from BC. 

This year’s Lexus of Edmonton 108th Alberta Open women’s champ Sophie  Stanton, together with her partner Havana Kadi, made it to the semi finals in the girls’ doubles.

Preston Codrington was the recipient of the 2021 U14 Fisher Junior National Championship Boys’ Sportsmanship Award. 

“Alberta’s juniors continue to compete resolutely at junior nationals events whilst respecting and showing appreciation for the sport and their competitors. This is testament to the mentorship offered by Albertan tennis coaches, and the continued sacrifices and commitment displayed by the families of junior players, ” Alan Mackin, Executive Director

U18 Sportsmanship Award

Emily Niers is the recipient of the U18 Girls Sportsmanship Award.

Tennis Alberta congratulates all the players who represented Alberta at outdoor nationals. You made your province proud.


Photos | Top to Bottom: Martyna Ostrzygalo; Kai Baerg (R) with partner Keegan Rice; Adam Faragcao (R) with winner Owen A.K. Nguyen; Preston Codrington; Emily Niers


2021 Fischer Junior Outdoor Nationals Team Alberta 

U12 Team
Played September 13-19 at Carrefour Multisports  in Laval, QC.

  • Andreas Mjeda
  • David Horvath
  • Devin Pelletier
  • Viktor Gluic
  • Sara Zambok
  • Elicia Lin
  • Raya Didrova
  • Sophia Montemurro

U14 Team
Played September 19-24 at Carrefour Multisports in Laval, QC.

  • Adam Faragcao
  • Preston Codrington
  • Maksim Gluic
  • Enoch Lin
  • Sophie Stanton
  • Sara Kostic
  • Ziye Katherine Liu
  • Sayad Rajabzadeh

U16 Team
Played September 11-17 at Milton Tennis Club in Milton, ON.

  • Chetanna Amadike
  • Kai Baerg
  • Adam Faragcao
  • Khush Kotecha
  • Martyna Ostrzygalo
  • Alexia Jacobs
  • Sophie Stanton
  • Aurora Pedwell

U18 Team
Played September 19-24 at the Aviva Centre in Toronto, ON.

  • Joshua Oboniye
  • Keenan Desmarais
  • Arshjot Singh Bhatti
  • Evan Holt
  • Martyna Ostrzygalo
  • Emily Niers
  • Aurora Pedwell
  • Gianna Oboniye


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Article Updated September 30, 2021