The long weekend was great to host a tournament at one of Alberta’s oldest tennis club. The weather was sunny and warm which was a real treat compared to past years. The Calgary Tennis Club hosted 11 events this year and a total of 92 players. We have pictures and results below:

Men’s Open Singles
Winner: Ryan Townsend
Runner-Up: Eric Yee

Men’s Open Doubles
Winner: Daniel Henschel and Eric Yee
Runner-Up: Sidney Yap and Ryan Townsend

Women’s Open Singles
Winner: Kelsea Gorzo
Runner-Up: Michaela Sherven

Mixed Open Doubles
Winner: Gage Kingsmith and Stella Cliffe
Runner-Up: Nigel Lilley and Christine Lilley

5.0 Men’s Singles
Winner: Nigel Lilley
Runner-Up: Mark Macconnell

5.0 Women’s Singles
Winner: Barb Maier
Runner-Up: Sarah Widdowson

5.0 Women’s Doubles
Winner: Christine Lilley and Sonia Bernal
Runner-Up: Sarah Widdowson and Barb Maier

4.0 Men’s Singles
Winner: Chayse Marion
Runner-Up: Nenko Topalov

4.0 Women’s Singles
Winner: Isabel Villarvega
Runner-Up: Maria Medlow

4.0 Men’s Doubles
Winner: Chayse Marion and Dougie Jr Cole Marion
Runner-Up: Xavier Beriault and Jack Gordon

4.0 Mixed Doubles
Winner: Xavier Beriault and Kelly Gordon
Runner-Up: Bruce Roberts and Erin Roberts

Checkout the full draw and match results here!

The Calgary Tennis Club added two additional trophies this year. The IRONMAN Champion and IRONWOMAN Champion for most matches played by a man and woman respectively. Below are the winners:

IRONMAN Champion – Jarnail Kalsi; 8 Matches Total; 2 Matches–4.0 Men’s Singles, 3 Matches -4.0 Men’s Doubles, 3 Matches-4.0 Mixed Doubles

IRONWOMAN Champion – Christine Lilley; 8 Matches Total; 4 Matches-5.0 Women’s Doubles, 4 Matches-Open Mixed Doubles

Special thanks goes out to Christine Lilley, Ralph Dean and the CTC staff for all their help in assisting Tournament Director Arthur Barbosa in the planning and running the tournament.

Thanks to sponsors Racquet Central , JB Design and Barbosa Engineering & Design for their donations to the tournament.

Thanks to Rick Johnston and Hank Yap at the Calgary Winter Club for having us go indoors Friday night during a brief rain out.

The Victoria Weekend Classic is part of the Alberta Open Series. The Series is sanctioned by Tennis Alberta and provides adults and seniors with competitive opportunities and Rogers Rankings points. The next event is the Rob Bell Memorial taking place at the Saville Sports Centre on June 8-11. To register click here! Participate on all the action on social media by following #AlbertaOpenSeries