After a two year hiatus the Rob Bell Memorial Open was back at the UofA Outdoor Tennis Centre and Saville Community Sports Centre from June 3-5.  The tournament was last played in 2019. 


MS 5.0:  Joshua Melton Winner; William Poggemiller, Finalist

WS 4.0:  Carmen Such, Winner; Francoise Cadigan, Finalist 

MS Open: Liam Spiers, Winner; Daniel Henschel, Finalist 

MD Open: Liam & Jeff Spiers, Winners; Carson Bell/Dana Pallesen, Finalists

WD 4.0:Jennifer Rymes/Liisa Wheadon, Winners; Amanda Richard, Rhonda Woychuk, Finalists

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MS 5.0: William Poggemiller, Joshua Melton
WS 4.0: Carmen Such, Francoise Cadigan
MS Open: Daniel Henschel, Liam Spiers


Rob Bell was the Tennis Manager at the University of Alberta Tennis Centre from 1986-1995.  He was one of the top tennis coaches and players in Alberta, and a builder of tennis facilities and tennis communities in Alberta.

His legacy lives on through the work of Russ Sluchinski, the current Tennis Manager and Head Coach at the Saville who was mentored by Rob Bell; his student Corey Stewart who coaches at the Saville Centre and is one of the top coaches in Canada; and his son Carson Bell who was one of the top players in the province and is also currently one of the top coaches in Canada.  Read more on Rob Bell

PHOTOS: Supplied by Saville Community Sports Centre, Feature Image: (L to R) Jeff Spiers, Liam Spiers, Dana Pallesen, Carson Bell


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